SSERCA Supports FAU Researchers with HPC

Dr. Taghi Khoshgoftaar and his research group at Florida Atlantic University have decades of experience in the fields of data mining and machine learning, and have built models to understand data in many different application domains.
Recently SSERCA member University of South Florida, offered Dr. Khoshgoftarr’s team computing cycles on their CIRCE High Performance Computing Cluster.
Their work on the CIRCE computing cluster has focused on health informatics, achieving such goals as identifying which genes are most important for cancer diagnosis and treatment, as well as exploring the fundamental algorithms used for this task, such as feature selection and classification, and different challenges which can arise in this data including class imbalance and high dimensionality.
Through the use of the CIRCE cluster, Dr. Khoshgoftaar and his team have been able to greatly advance this research and gain new insights into health informatics as well as machine learning in general.
It is this type of collaboration and support that makes SSERCA a valuable resource for education and research in the State of Florida.