Consulting – SSERCA members have had over 70 years of collective experience in development of advanced computing systems including large clusters, advanced visualization centers, large data storage, scientific workflows, and many other aspects of computation support for research. Please contact [Contact Information] for more information.

Education – SSERCA members have produced state-of-the-art educational resources for instructors interested in the areas of advanced computing and computational science.

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Members Cluster Number of Nodes Cores GPU Accelerators Fabrics File Systems Storage Capacity
Florida Atlantic University  KoKo  115  3,836   cores  64 V100,     20 GTX-   1080TI,           8 P100,           4 K80,             2 K2,               1 K1  Infiniband,   OmniPath,   Ethernet  Ceph,  Beegfs  1 PB
Florida International University  PantherHPC  120  3,000   cores  4 RTX-   2080TI,           4 Titan Xp,   2 Titan X,       2 K40,             8 K20m  Infiniband,   Ethernet  Lustre  550 TB
Florida State University  7,024   cores
University of Central Florida 4,332 cores 20 V100-GPUs  368TB
University of Florida  HiPerGator,   ResVault  1,500  46,000   cores  48 RTX-   6000,           540 RTX-   2080TI,         16 GTX-   1080TI,         96 K80  Infiniband,   Ethernet  Lustre  10 PB
University of South Florida  4,684   cores  200 TB
University of North Florida  18  586 Cores Ethernet NFS/XFS 120 TB
University of West Florida